Mobile Apps Development

Key Offerings:

Our Team Is Well-Versed In Providing Services From Android Specific Design To Android OS Customization

Android is most widely used mobile operating systems across the globe and also one of the complex ecosystems with myriad of phones of different dimensions, manufacturers and form factors.

Our Android app development service adheres to the best in class Android architectural standards, and complete understanding of comprehensive Android ecosystem helping us building scalable and sustainable Android applications across Android platforms like Android phone, tablets, Android Wear and Android TV.



  • Android Specific UX/UI Design
  • Native Android App Development
  • Hybrid App Development (Xamarin, PhoneGap)
  • Android OS Customization
  • Samsung Knox Implementation
  • Android Widget Development Services
  • Android Launchers App Development
  • Android App Porting/Redesign
  • Android App Test Automation
  • App Support, Maintenance & Optimization. 


Android Application Architecture And Best Practices:

At Authentic Four, we care deeply about code quality and maintainability of applications. In fact, the maxim we follow is: “After functional correctness, maintainability of the code base is the highest virtue.” To achieve this we have taken certain steps to ensure that our team consistently produces maintainable code for all the projects we work on. Our process of creating applications is based on:

Object Oriented Principles, we strictly follow “Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)” and “One Class, One Responsibility” principles. 

We use architectural patterns for organizing our codebase to ensure that other programmers can intuitively find out the implementations for functionality they need to work on. 

We follow strict coding conventions and code formatting guidelines in order ensure that the code is easy to read and easy to navigate.

Android App Security:

Following are best practices we follow to secure mobile devices and the sensitive data contained on them. Different apps have different security needs. Depending on the nature of the app, we evaluate appropriate security measures like:

  • Implement File Permissions
  • Implement Intents
  • Use Broadcasts
  • Implement PendingIntents
  • Protect Application Services
  • Avoid Intent Sniffing
  • Implement Content Providers
  • Follow WebView Best Practices
  • Avoid Storing Cached Camera Images
  • Avoid GUI Objects Caching

Best Coding Practices:

Having built multiple applications with future state architectures for Android devices, we are very well-equipped with Android Studio, which provides wide-range of tools for building apps faster. We code in Java through Android Studio and follow best Android coding practices to build scalable and maintainable apps.

App Domains

Having built applications for multiple domains and various industries, our developers have become efficient in developing apps for various verticals.

  • Social
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Sports
  • Safety


Designing Android applications require great understanding of design guidelines and material design. We follow best design practices and always emphasis on using Android specific app designs.

Android App Testing:

Since Android is fragmented OS with many devices from various manufacturers, testing Android app requires significant efforts. We have dedicated test lab with 150+ devices to test the application on actual devices and simulate all the test cases. This also helps us to ensure that the end user experience is consistent across devices.

  • Requirement Understanding and Analysis
  • Defining test cases and then recursive testing done with following modules
  • Validation Testing
  • Black box Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • System Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing