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There are a lot of interesting features that will boost your business up. We have the best services of mobile app development, web development, software & digital marketing solutions. Those features are going to make your work so easy and give you ultimate control over your business.

App Development

We provide mobile app development solutions using all major platforms. Our applications intended for iPhone, Android, and so forth run consistently to convey astounding

Software Development

There are a lot of interesting features that will boost your business up. We are the best ERP software that is going to make your work so easy and give you ultimate control over your business.

Web Development

We work on Web design development on all platforms. We are providing the best for our all clients. Our all clients happy to see the services system. We believe we will do provide the best service for you

WordPress Development

WordPress is one of the best platforms for creating any type of website your need. We are working on WordPress website development. we are creating any type of website in WordPress as your requirement.

Ecommerce Website

We are promised to provide an excellent design of e-commerce website as we believe lightweight e-commerce site and attractive, easy shopping site are the highest priority buyer.

Digital Marketing

Our element advanced specialists execute powerful web advertising arrangements in view of your business targets. With 100% modified strategies and centered site advancement methodology, we expand client engagement.

Authentic Four Technology Is a Leading Software Company In Bangladesh

Authentic four technology limited is one of the best landing software development company in Bangladesh. Promises to offers the world best customize or ready mode Mobile app, web, software


Sales ERP Software Solution


Telemedicine Mobile App Solution


Hospital Management Software

admin ui

Admin UI


Inventory Management Software


Pharmacy Management Software


Human Resource Management Software


Restaurant Management Software

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Great Job…you people are genius I must say…excellent service.

এম আর আজিম

এম আর আজিম

Board Member Chittagong Development Authority


 “অথেনটিক ফোর” আমার দেখা সবচেয়ে বেষ্ট একটা সফটওয়্যার ফার্ম… আমার কোম্পানী কাঠুরের ওয়েবসাইট “অথেনটিক ফোর” কে দিয়ে করিয়েছিলাম… তরুন হিসেবে অসাধারন কাজ করেছে… আমি যতটূকু চেয়েছিলাম তার চেয়ে বেশী পেয়েছি… আর তাদের টাইম সেন্স, ডেডিকেশন এবং কাজের প্রতি ভালো লাগা অনেক অসাধারন…এমন অনেক কাজ যেগুলো আমাদের দেওয়ার কথা সেটা অথেনটিক ফোর নিজেই করে ফেলেছে… একজন ক্লায়েন্ট হিসেবে বলতে পারি কাজের পরিমান অনুযায়ী তারা অসাধারন সার্ভিস দিয়েছে…ধন্যবাদ আপনাদেরকে… হোপ আপনারা ক্লায়েন্ট সেটিসফেকশন নিয়ে কাজ করবেন এবং সার্ভিস এখন যেভাবে দিচ্ছেন ক্লায়েন্ট বাড়লে সেটা কম হবে না… শুভ কামনা রইলো…

Shakil Mahmud

Shakil Mahmud

We have been a client of Authentic Four Tech since 2020.
They developed and maintained the Tech services of ‘MuktiJuddho e-Archive’.
AFT followed Agile delivery process which actually amazed me.
I must have to mention AFT’s Infosec process, this is upto 100%.
I wish AFT’s success.
Sabbir Hossain

Sabbir Hossain

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